Alice In Wonderland

Director: Nick Willing
Hallmark Entertainment, NBC
Country: United States, United Kingdom
Feature Film
Released: 1999
Genre: Fantasy


Alice falls down a rabbit hole, and finds herself in Wonderland, a fantasy land of strange characters and ideas.

Starring Ben Kingsley, Tina Marjorino, Whoopi Goldberg, Robbie Coltrane, Pete Postlethwaite, Gene Wilder, Martin Short, Christopher Lloyd and Miranda Richardson.

Primetime Emmy Winner of Outstanding Costume Design, Music Composition, Makeup and Visual Effects, and nominated for Art Direction and Main Title Design.

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Alice: Tina Majorino
Caterpillar: Ben Kingsley
Cheshire Cat: Whoopi Goldberg
White Knight: Christopher Lloyd
Ned Tweedledum: Robbie Coltrane
Carpenter: Pete Postlethwaite
Queen of Hearts: Miranda Richardson
Mad Hatter: Martin Short
Walrus: Peter Ustinov
Fred Tweedledee: George Wendt
Mock Turtle: Gene Wilder
Mr Mouse: Ken Dodd
Sir Jack: Jason Flemyng
Cook: Sheila Hancock
King Cedric: Simon Russell Beale
Miss Lory: Liz Smith
Duchess: Elizabeth Spriggs

Director: Nick Willing
Based on the novel by Lewis Carroll
Screenplay by Peter Barnes
Producer: Dyson Lovell
Executive Producers: Robert Halmi Sr, Robert A. Halmi
Cinematographer: Giles Nuttgens
Editor: Alex Machie
Composer: Richard Hartley
Casting: Joyce Gallie, Lynn Kressel
Production Design: Roger Hall
Art Direction: Rosalind Shingleton, Alan Tomkins
Set Decoration: Karen Brookes
Costume Design: Charles Knode
Post Production Manager: Dee D’Orazio
Hair Artists: Nuala Conway, Elizabeth Yianni Georgiou
Hair Artist/MakeUp: Anne Spiers, Louise Fisher, James Kell Supervising Sound Editor: Nick Adams

Based in London, UK