(a.k.a. The Haunting of Radcliffe House)

Director: Nick Willing
Producer: Michele Camarda
Country: United Kingdom
Running Time: 94 minutes
Released: 2014
Genre: Psychological Thriller


A feature film written and directed by Nick Willing, starring Olivia Williams and Matthew Modine released in October 2014 and seen on Television in the UK on December 2014 with a different title, ‘The Haunting of Radcliffe House.’ 

The Hamilton family move into a large country house on the Yorkshire Moors to supervise its restoration from a dilapidated B&B to the original Victorian grandeur. When Meg Hamilton, wife, mother and renovation expert first loses her London team after an accident, then a local Yorkshire team too superstitious to continue, she’s forced to carry on alone. The discovery of a secret attic room, a Rosicrucian mosaic, a bricked up root cellar and many other unexplainable events gradually convince Meg, her husband Alec and children Penny and Harper, that they’re not only restoring the house, but also its original Victorian owners who died 150 years ago. But before they can escape, the house - and its former occupants - force them to spend one last, terrifying night under its roof.

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Meg Hamilton: Olivia Williams
Alec: Matthew Modine
Penny: Antonia Clarke
Harper: Adam Thomas Wright
Nigel Lean: Steve Oram
Sean Donelly: Jonathan Jaynes
Charles Walker: Stephen Chance
Isabella: Rebecca Calder
Greg: Richard Dillane
Isabella: Rebecca Calder
Telephone Engineer: David J. Peel
Brad Mason: Mark Heenehan
Charles Kendrick Walker: Stephen Chance
Writer/Director: Nick Willing
Producer: Michele Camarda
Cinematographer: Jan Richter-Friis
Production Designer: John Ellis
Editor: David Freeman
Composer: Simon Boswell
Costume: John Lindlar
Make Up & Hair: Albhe Lemass
Casting: Amy Hubbard
Production Design: John Ellis
Art Direction: Rebecca Mason
Costume Design: John Lindlar
Sound Design: Steve Bowell, Bernard O’Reilly, Barnaby Smyth

Aired December 27th, 2014 on Channel 5

Based in London, UK