Baby Sellers

Director: Nick Willing
Lifetime Television
Country: United States
TV Movie
Released: 2013
Genre: Drama


An insight into the shocking international criminal enterprise of infant trafficking. 

Baby Sellers was invited by the UN to premiere in the Eco Soc Chamber on August 12, 2013 in front of 400 delegates, NGO's and ambassadors.

After the screening, a panel of experts hosted a Q&A. Simone Monasebian, director of United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime chaired the panel which included Peter Edge, ICE Homeland Security deputy executive associate director, Greg Ramm, director of Global Programs for Save the Children, Robert Halmi, Snr, producer of Baby Sellers, and Jennifer Finnigan, star of the film.

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Detective Nic Morrison: Jennifer Finnigan
Carla Huxley: Kirstie Alley
Dilip: Arjun Gupta
Kyle: Doron Bell
Dolorita: Nicole Muñoz
David Azevedo: Alessandro Juliani
Reese: Lane Edwards
Vikram: Cas Anvar
Stief: Andrew Kavadas
Rafael Ochoa: Zak Santiago
Special Agent Holmes: Paul McGillion
Patricia: Venus Terzo
Erin: Jessica Heafey
Bethany: Kimberley Sustad
Deepa: Swati Semwal
Eva: Ana Carrizales
Alyssa Huxley: Corale Knowles
Director: Nick Willing
Writer: Suzette Couture
Producer: Shan Tam
Executive Producer: Robert Halmi Sr. Matthew O’Connor, Lisa Richardson
Composer: Rich Walters
Cinematographer: Brian Johnson
Editor: Alison Grace
Production Design: Jill Scott
Art Director: Snigdha Karmahe, Cherie Kroll, Pankaj Pol
Costume Design: Cynthia Ann Summers
Makeup Department: Jill Bailey
Art Department: Andras Bagoly, Snigdha Karmahe,
Pankaj Pol, Sarah Vallim
Sound Editor: Kirby Jinnah
Sound FX Editor: Mike Paprochi
Location Manager: David S. Fullerton

Based in London, UK