Close Your Eyes

Director: Nick Willing
Producer: Michele Camarda
BBC Films, Kismet Film Company
Country: United Kingdom
Feature Film
Released: 2002
Genre: Psychological Thriller


Based on the novel ‘Doctor Sleep’ by Madison Smartt Bell, Close Your Eyes focusses on Dr. Michael Strother (Goran Visnjic), a hypnotherapist with a potentially hazardous telepathic gift.

In the middle of treating Police Detective Janet Losey (Shirley Henderson), Dr. Strother has a psychic viewing of a young girl drowning. He then discovers that the girl in his vision is the escaped victim of a crazed murderer. When he tries to take action, teaming up with Losey to catch the serial killer, he becomes caught in a dangerous web of intrigue and ritual homicide.

Starring Goran Visnjic, Paddy Considine and Shirley Henderson.

Winner of the Paris Film Festival Grand Prix, Best Actor and Best Score
Winner of the Valenciennes International Festival Best Director Award

Watch Trailer:
Michael Strother: Foran Visnjic
Janet Losey: Shirley Henderson
Elliot Spruggs: Paddy Considine
Clara Strother: Miranda Otto
Heather: Sophie Stuckey
Keith: Josh Richards
Francis Paladine: John Rogan
Grace: Claire Rushbrook
Martha Strother: Lauren Gabrielle Volpert
Police Inspector Hilary Ash: Sarah Woodward
Chief Inspector Clements: Corin Redgrave
Catherine Lebourg: Fiona Shaw
Hotel Clerk: Shammi Aulakh
Journalist: Gerald Lepkowski
Cab Driver: Howard Lee
Lebourg’s Son: Andrew Woodall
Bicycle Man: Angus Wright
Scene of Crime Officer: Greg Bennett
Director: Nick Willing Based on the novel by Madison Smartt Bell
Writers: Nick Willing, William Brookfield
Producer: Michele Camarda
Executive Producers: Mike Phillips, David M. Thompson
Composer: Simon Boswell
Cinematography: Peter Sova
Editor: Niven Howie
Production Design: Don Taylor
Art Director: Mark Kebby
Costume Design: Hazel Pethig
Hair/Makeup Designer: Mary Hillman
Makeup Effects Artist: Stuart Conran
Sound Designer: Paul Davies
Special FX Supervisor: Richard Conway
VFX Supervisors: Robin Beard, Simon Frame
Music Supervisors: Abi Leland, Dan Rose

Based in London, UK